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Mini Miracles have carved a niche for ourselves in the preschool industry in a very short span of time with our unique pedagogy, updated curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, scientific and advanced study material as well as play and learn equipment. We are unique in our philosophy, reachability, wonderful connection with parents and that is why we are India ka favourite play school.

The curriculum focuses on inquiry-based learning. The curriculum invites children to hypothesize, theorize, predict, problem solve, construct and document their developing understandings of the world in which they live. Our approach acknowledges the socio-cultural principle that children learn from quality interactions and relationships with people, places and things; exploring and discovering in an affirmative environment.

We work to cater to the needs of toddlers whose childhood is precious and deserves to be full of joy, play, love, happy learning, lovely memories all of which could make their childhood.

Mini Miracles is always here to create your kids childhood.


What Parents Say about us

My 3-year old son just started in August and he loves it!!! I cannot believe how much he has improved not just academically but also socially! He started reading the second month of his enrollment in Mini Miracles.
Rohit Shah
We first heard the positive reviews for school via extended family and friends so it was an easy choice for our toddler son's education. School truly cares about the children they serve and laying a strong foundation of discipline, confidence, and academics
Sunil Kumar
I have two children that have been attending Mini Miracles School for two months. Both are showing nice and steady improvements with eating habits, social skills, writing, coloring, numbers and speaking skills.
Anita Mishra
Great school and great teachers. My daughter has been attending school since the summer of last year and I am very satisfied with the care of my 3 year daughter. I always have peace of mind when she is there. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.
Sunita Jain

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